What is the role of an operations executive in Infosys?

Operations executive in Infosys?

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Infosys is among top 5 (At the time of writing this article) IT companies in India and a great place to work, provided you get to work on technology you like. As an Operations Executive, you will be deployed into IMS (Infrastructure Management Services) or IVS (Infosys Validation Solutions) units.
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In IMS unit, You will get a bit or no technical stuff to work upon. If you are really interested & specific regarding working on specific technology then do not join Infosys as Operations Executive. Rather, get into some mid or small level company which offers work based on your technology & area of interest. Work hard, learn, build your foundation and once you have gained appropriate knowledge along with experience you can apply for Infosys. Doing so you will be sure that you will get into project of your interest & related to your skill set.

Role of an Operations Executive in Infosys

Operations Executive in Infosys

Working as an Operations Executive you also need to be working 24/7 as all the projects in those units are operational 24 by 7. So there will be rotational shifts or permanent night shifts along with no fixed weekend offs. Yeah, you heard it right. You may have to work on Saturday & Sunday. Your weekly of may be on some other days totally based on project requirement.

If you want to work as a tester then its good to join IVS unit but again its not in your hands. Once you complete your initial training at Mysore, You may be deployed in IMS or IVS randomly.So decide what you want and choose your career wisely.

Things were not good for me after joining Infosys as Operations Executive initially for couple of years. However, I managed to get the work as per my skills and area of interest later.(mark my words, It was really very tough to get)

 If technology and skills matters to you then please do not join. If you are ready to work on anything (technical or non- technical work) and just want to earn money and gain experience then you can land to Mysore without a second thought.

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  • Gowtham Raj

    hiii sir i have 4 questions can i ask

  • Archan Bhattacharjee

    Can i do corporate mba from infosys starting as an OE.? Also, after 5yrs, what would be my career and salary in infosys.?

    • @archanbhattacharjee:disqus Yes. you can pursue MBA from Infosys. Please refer – http://dipendrashekhawat.com/higher-degree-to-opt-while-working-at-infosys

      • Archan Bhattacharjee

        When you say policies are not fair for us, what exactly do you mean.? Does that mean i have little chance of being granted the degree.?

        • @archanbhattacharjee:disqus No. You will get the degree. But see the duration you need to spend. If 3 years degress course you need to spend 5 years at the company.(pre-course & post-course duration is extra).

          • Archan Bhattacharjee

            Okay i understand. Thanx a ton. You made my decision taking so much more easier.

          • @archanbhattacharjee:disqus I am glad that I was able to help you. Collect relevant inputs, think, analyse & choose wisely.!!

  • Kshitij

    I’m planning to join as an operations executive at Infosys. What is the training like for operational executives? Is the training for OE same as that for engineering graduates? What all subjects are taught during the training session for OE ?

    • @disqus_meMtV7ndtN:disqus No the training is not the same but you can say similar to that of Engineering Students.

      Mostly the topic are related to what you have learnt in your graduation but giving more clarity on some of the topics.

      These topics will be covered in the program:

      1.Operating system concepts
      2.Database concepts
      3.Software Engineering
      4.Software Testing

      • Kshitij

        I’ve heard this from many people that the training is rigorous and the schedule is very hectic. Is this the same case for people joining as operations executives?

        I’m also not very good at programming and hence a bit skeptical about joining Infosys. Will it be a major problem if someone with little or no knowledge of programming joins the training programme?

        And lastly, is the training period for OE same as that for other job designations?

        • @disqus_meMtV7ndtN:disqus Yes the training is rigorous a bit with a tight schedule. However, it’s not that difficult to clear. No worries,If you aren’t good at programming. OE is not an programming profile.

          If you don’t like programming or have no interest then this is the best suitable job for you. Go ahead with it.

          Yes. Fresher training is almost similar for each trainee.

          • Kshitij

            Thanks for your valuable feedback. Much appreciated 🙂

          • @disqus_meMtV7ndtN:disqus You are always welcome. More than happy if I could help someone!!

          • Prathmesh Bagalkote

            Hi Dipendra i am selected as an OE in infosys and going for training at Mysore. I wanted to know that is there any opportunity in Big Data.

          • @prathmeshbagalkote:disqus I have answered your question in a fresher conversation at the top. You have asked this question replying to existing Thread of @disqus_meMtV7ndtN:disqus ‘s conversation.

  • Supriyo

    You said you were an OE. Were u a BCA graduate? If yes what did u do after OE ,did u choose MS for graduation. I just wanted to know what can done after OE if you’re interested in technical work.

    • @@disqus_MYgLn977g6:disqus I am a BSc(IT) graduate (similar course like BCA). No, I didn’t do any masters after that instead I did some Microsoft technical certifications like – MCP, MCSD. Which help me to master web technologies to an extend. I just kept self learning and didn’t do any course or masters after my graduation.

      • Supriyo

        Thanks man..

  • @prathmeshbagalkote:disqus There may be lots of opportunities as Infosys is such a huge organization. However, there is no such guarantee that you would be deployed into the project related to BIG DATA. You may be working on Big data or might be some other technology.

    • Prathmesh Bagalkote


  • abhishek prajapati

    I got selected in Infosys as well as Igate.. In Infosys, I have been shortlisted for the position of OE and in Igate I have been shortlisted for the position of System Associate … What should I do ?? .. Please

    help me .. 🙂 TY

    • @disqus_zCNZetoAbR:disqus What are your interests and which job profile is suitable as per your interest ? I would say join that. If you are interested in programming,development I am sure OE in Infosys has nothing to do with these things. OE is plain Support Job. Although, not sure about System Associate in Igate.

      • abhishek prajapati

        What is the scope of OE in Future???

        • OE can become System Engineer after 3yrs after clearing the COMPRE exam. Not sure know if the policies have been revised or changed.

  • Rapper AB

    Can you explain me in detail about IVS??? I am a bscit graduate…

    • @rapperab:disqus IVS (Infosys Validation Solutions) is an unit in Infosys which has testing projects. What details do you need?

      • Rapper AB

        Roles and responsibilities of the trainee who got selected for the position of Testing executive(IVS)…

        • @rapperab:disqus You would be working on Testing related projects in IVS unit. It may include manual testing or automated testing using some scripts. Totally depends on the project you get. You will be working on preparing test cases and testing them out.

          • Rapper AB

            Is the training is so much hectic????

          • @rapperab:disqus yeah it is a bit tough but not that hectic. You will enjoy the training.

  • srikanth

    hello! I am a Bsc graduate and having offers from infosys as OE and jr software engineer at band u1 at tech mahindra. which one would u suggest me and y ?

    • @disqus_0klm2bMl34:disqus It all depends on your interests. Being an OE you would be working in Support. I am not sure about the SE role in TechM. But OE job profile is totally based on monitoring, supporting in shifts.

  • tanu

    Sir, does the variable pay applies to O.E. candidate also?

    • No. It doesn’t apply to OE. Variable pay is added as a component in your CTC once you become SE. Not sure, if the policies are revised now.

  • Dikshit Bangera

    hello. i am a Bsc(IT) graduate and got selected in infosys as OE for the role of testing executive- trainee and in TCS as graduate trainee. TCS joining is far behind its on Feb 2017, while infosys training starts from october this year. which one do you prefer to me for future scope. Also does the role of testing executive can get changed after my training, can it get changed to IMS. Bcuz i don’t want to work in IMS.

    • @dikshitbangera:disqus First of all congrats for both the jobs. No the role cannot be changed and if you are selected as an OE then you would be placed in IMS or IVS units only. IMS and IVS units are support jobs in Infosys and you are expected to work in shifts as an OE. Although, not sure about graduate trainee profile of TCS. Hope it helps!

      • Dikshit Bangera

        Ohkkk. Thanks 4 d help..

  • Prathmesh Bagalkote

    Sir ..I am selected as a Operation Executive in Infosys.I want to know that what is the scope of this profile when i change the company after 1-2 years? I there any scope in IT industry… and in which field I can work after this.

    • @prathmeshbagalkote:disqus It depends on the project and the skills you would be working on. If they are in demand in the current market (after 1-2 years) then you will surely get a job in the same profile. Else you need to keep learning the technology of your interest and get a job in that after an year or two. So the conclusion is , the scope depends on the skills and technology you get to work as an OE.

  • mayur lodaya

    Sir i have got selected for 2 companies godrej as a Jr.Assitant manager in Godrej Interio sales and marketing division and second in infosys as OE trainee which is basically as per your post is totally non technical so as per ur advise where should i join Godrej or Infosys wer can i find my career please help me….i m a Bsc.IT stundent.

    • What profile does Godrej is offering? I mean what would be your role as a Jr. Assistant Manager?

      • mayur lodaya

        They offering to handle the godrej interio supplies also to report to seniors regarding clients supplies totally managment related things of showroom of vikroli under me…so wat you suggest would u chuz for godrej or infy as OE role as if you wanna start your career in any of this companies….!!

        • So you decide first on whether you want to build your career towards management field or technical? Then you will be able to choose quick enough.Hope it helps!

  • yogita jadhav

    Hello sir, I got selected for aegis as OE ,from my living area it’s too away sir,if I take risk to join n aftr tht in future is having any scope or not? If i wNt move in puna Mumbai in tht areas IT sector

    • I am not able to understand which company and what location you are talking about. can you please elaborate? If you are not comfortable with english use hinglish or hindi.

  • Himank

    Sir right now they are offering 17k in hand, will it increase after training?
    And in future prospect how useful will it be? what will be the growth like? I just don’t want to go after brand name only. But what are other options left for me? Every big brand is offering almost same and asking to relocate outside Delhi. Considering current scenario, this amount will not be sufficient but I am not aware about other options as well. Please guide! TIA

    • No, it won’t increase right after training you complete your training. There will be a raise in your salary after completing your probation period which is of 1 year (not sure if they have increased it now).

      Coming to annual hike, every big MNC gives you the similar hike and its not much. You would be lucky, if you get a work on skills & technology that are in demand these days.

      However, it is very rare as an OE profile includes support jobs.

  • Swapnil Suryawanshi

    Hello Sir,

    I am now working as Operation Executive in OYOROOMS brand Hotel Management, but now I am move on new job position as Operation Executive in management, please suggest me, I am which field i am move on

  • Anupam Gogoi

    what is the period for training? will there be any stripend during training? what is the basic salary after joining as oe in tcs?

    • @Anupam I can answer you question with respect to the training period in Infosys and not TCS. In Infosys the training period for an OE is from 2.5 to 3 months duration. Yes, they pay you the complete salary deducting your hostel stay amount.

      • Anupam Gogoi

        Sir, what will be the salary after my training period?

        • It would be the same as mentioned in your offer letter till the time of probation. Hostel rent wont be deducted once you complete the training.

  • shravan dornal

    Hi Dipendra,
    Is there any chance to increase the role or pay by adding higher level education certificate like PG, for operation/testing executive??

    • @shravan No. There is no such option to change role or pay. However, to get your jole or pay revised from OE to SE you need to wait for 30 months and after that you need to clear the COMPRE exam with 60% marks.

      • shravan joshi

        Hi Dipandra,

        After clearing compree how much salary hike we can except??

        Thanks in advance @dipendrashekhawat:disqus .

        • @shravan_joshi:disqus It’s not much may be around 3.25 per annum. It may vary if the policies haven been changed now.

  • Uday

    Hi Dipendra,

    Thanks for sharing your valuable update about the Operations Executive role in Infosys.

    I have my sister working in Bangalore for Infosys as an Operations Executive and facing the same Issue. No Technical Stuff Involved and they are giving her rotational night shifts. Not at all satisfied with the work she is doing there. We want her to be in the Technical (Admin/Development) side and see some growth in the career. Can you advice the next steps to be followed?

    • Two options –
      1. Look for another Job
      2. Fight with Management for moving into another project.
      3. Just keep doing what if you cant change

      The later options is very difficult and time consuming but not impossible. (I have did it myself)

      Option#1 is far way better. Totally, her call.

      All the best to your Sis!

  • Viren

    Hi Dipendra
    once if I leave the Infosys as soon as i completed my training or what if i don’t meet the aggregate and i have to leave the Infosys because of I didn’t meet the criteria.That means, individually I am clear in every focus area but I didn’t meet the stream aggregate as 65% ,so after how long i can come and join again.

    • In that case you can always join Infosys after 2-3 years of experience as an experienced professional.

      • Viren

        What if i wanna join immediately after 1 or 2 month’s.. coz i don’t wanna wait for such that long period.. i wanna start my career from there only where i left. So suggest me something. Infosys is my dream company.

        • In that case you need to qualify the required eligibility criteria and policies of the company for hiring a fresher. You can’t join if you fail to meet the eligibility criteria. Hope it helps!

          • Viren

            That means if Infosys job openings are there, so i can apply for that. There are no restrictions for that, it’s totally depends on my performance and no matter when did i leave the Infosys.
            If you have time so can u call me on this number.. i want further information about it..

  • Pratyusha

    Hi Dipendra,
    Iam a Bsc(computer science) graduate. I have got selected for Infosys as an Operations Executive. Please tell me the role of an OE in detail. I like to work in Programming side as a Software Developer with projects. So, after training will I get programming side work.? Please give a clarity regarding this.

    • Hello @disqus_YNMZN2UPRR:disqus, OE role at Infosys has nothing to do with programming. It’s a support job (more of a clerical work) If you want to work as software developer then you need to look for another job. Probably go for small companies where you have lot’s of scope for learning and than later 3-4 years down the line you can join Infosys into development project.


    I have completed Bsc IT and got selected as an Operations Executive at infosys but i’m good at programming in a few languages and like testing too. After reading a few of the comments i came to know that working OE is not for a developer. So i have a few questions hoping for an answer for them.
    I am trying to get a job as a developer in a few places but it seems to be hard to do with only a BSc degree and network related certifications, i am in need of a job so will have to join infosys once i get my offer letter.
    1. Will i be able to get into IVS during the training by asking them to put me IVS or doing better than others or doing better in the training in certain subjects which ,will increase my chance of getting into IVS? 2. I saw that IVS lands in testing side does that mean Software testing or something else? 3. Once i complete my training and get into infosys as a operations executive is there any chance of changing my roll within the company to developer in any of the following ways-
    a.Just asking them to change my designation
    b.Doing certain certifications and then asking
    c.Doing MSc or MS while at infosys and then asking
    d.Some other way? I know its a lot of questions, its just that i’d like to know what i am getting into. Thank you advance.

    • 1. Will i be able to get into IVS during the training by asking them to put me IVS or doing better than others or doing better in the training in certain subjects which ,will increase my chance of getting into IVS?
      No, the allocation is done randomly. It doesn’t depends on any other training criteria.

      2. I saw that IVS lands in testing side does that mean Software testing or something else? Yeah, it’s software testing.
      Refer this post for more info – http://dipendrashekhawat.com/i-got-ivs-java-at-infosys-training-how-will-be-my-future/

      3. Once i complete my training and get into infosys as a operations executive is there any chance of changing my roll within the company to developer in any of the following ways-

      a.Just asking them to change my designation – Change in designation doesn’t guarantee a change in Job profile (development in your case).
      b.Doing certain certifications and then asking – You can put forward your case to you PM and Unit HR saying that you are interested to pursue career in development and have supporting certificates as well.
      c.Doing MSc or MS while at infosys and then asking – You can ask, again it totally depends upon on your Project Manager (PM) or Delivery Manager (DM).
      d.Some other way? I know its a lot of questions, its just that i’d like to know what i am getting into. – That’s totally fine. Sorry for delay in reply.

      Hope it helps!!

      • AUGUSTINE .S

        Thanks a lot, your reply really helped me understand a lot. If its not too much just one more query i’m sure this is the last one :). What is my future designation/roll going to be after joining either ivs or ims, i mean after years of experience and/or promotions ?