What is the role of an operations executive in Infosys?

Operations executive in Infosys?

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Infosys is among top 5 (At the time of writing this article) IT companies in India and a great place to work, provided you get to work on technology you like. As an Operations Executive, you will be deployed into IMS (Infrastructure Management Services) or IVS (Infosys Validation Solutions) units.
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In IMS unit, You will get a bit or no technical stuff to work upon. If you are really interested & specific regarding working on specific technology then do not join Infosys as Operations Executive. Rather, get into some mid or small level company which offers work based on your technology & area of interest. Work hard, learn, build your foundation and once you have gained appropriate knowledge along with experience you can apply for Infosys. Doing so you will be sure that you will get into project of your interest & related to your skill set.

Role of an Operations Executive in Infosys

Operations Executive in Infosys

Working as an Operations Executive you also need to be working 24/7 as all the projects in those units are operational 24 by 7. So there will be rotational shifts or permanent night shifts along with no fixed weekend offs. Yeah, you heard it right. You may have to work on Saturday & Sunday. Your weekly of may be on some other days totally based on project requirement.

If you want to work as a tester then its good to join IVS unit but again its not in your hands. Once you complete your initial training at Mysore, You may be deployed in IMS or IVS randomly.So decide what you want and choose your career wisely.

Things were not good for me after joining Infosys as Operations Executive initially for couple of years. However, I managed to get the work as per my skills and area of interest later.(mark my words, It was really very tough to get)

 If technology and skills matters to you then please do not join. If you are ready to work on anything (technical or non- technical work) and just want to earn money and gain experience then you can land to Mysore without a second thought.

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