What is the biggest irony of Modern Life?

What is the biggest irony of Modern Life?

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After the bombardment of so many technical posts, it’s time for a random post. Technology that was supposed to connect people is turning out as the biggest irony of modern life.

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1. Every person is struck & has their own world.

2. Below shows the life of modern kids.

3. Present situation with respect to Environment.

4. When we speak about love, it means we are referring phone.

5. People are turning out intelligent at the same time heartless

6. People are not focusing on reality.

7. This is the condition of Humanity.

8. Power of money.

9. Education system is molding everyone to same shape by chopping their student’s talents and identity.

10. Condition of graduates.

11. Condition of employees.

12. Salary:expenditure::tortoise:rabbit.

13. Modified proverb

14. Nothing is more important than phone.

What is the biggest irony of Modern Life?

15. Long ago we had big homes (joint family). Recent years it turned out into small & sweet home(nuclear family) and nowadays we have 3 homes:

  1. Kids home (baby care center)
  2. Home
  3. Old age home (this is most pathetic one)


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