What is an ASP.NET Page Life Cycle?

What is an ASP.NET Page Life Cycle?

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Welcome to the blog! Hope you are doing good. Today, we will be dealing with most favorite interview question for .NET. i.e Life Cycle of a ASP.NET web Form.

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Below are the list of events occur when an ASP.NET Web Form is displayed to us.

  • Page Init
  • Page Load
  • Page Pre-Render
  • Page Unload
  • Page Disposed
  • Page Error
  • Page Abort Transaction
  • Page Commit Transaction
  • Page Data Binding
What is an ASP.NET Page Life Cycle?

Events in the Life Cycle of a WebForm in ASP.Net

Sequence of Events during a Page Request

I want to keep it simple and to the point as no one is interested in reading all the clumsy text.

  1. Page Init
  2. Page Load
  3. Page Pre-Render
  4. Page Unload
  5. Page Disposed


A brief description of all the events that happens during asp.net page life cycle.

  • Init– Loads data from the view state of the controls
  • Load-controls are loaded into the page. Handle events
  • Pre-render-Page is about to render
  • Unload-Page is unloaded
  • Dispose-Page is disposed. Memory is set free.

I hope, I was able to articulate the topic with the help of this post and you guys were able to understand what is an ASP.NET Page Life Cycle?

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