The Two Kinds of People at Work

The Two Kinds of People at Work You Always Find

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These posters about “The two kinds of people at WORK” are by far the best. 5th one being my favorite!

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LUNCH: Ones who brings home packed lunch, other who prefers to eat at restaurants.

OFFICE PARTIES: Ones who prefer soft-drinks, others who prefer hard-drinks.

9:30 OFFICE: Ones who report at 9:15, others at 9:45 for a 9:30 office time.

OFFICE BAG: Ones who carry a formal bag, others who prefer a back-pack.

PRODUCTIVITY: Ones who prefer to work in silence, others who prefer music during work.

Two Kinds Of People at Work

MEETINGS: Ones who makes notes, others who scribble during a meeting.

BREAKS: Ones who prefer to talk to their significant other, others who tend to socialize at a tea stall.

SEARCHES: Ones who actually work, others who don’t.

COMMUTING: Ones who prefer the bus/metro, others who prefer a car.

Two Kinds Of People at Work

SALARY: Ones who do an overtime, others who take leaves.

Two Kinds Of People at Work
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