Cool WhatsApp Features and Tricks Ever

Cool WhatsApp Features and Tricks Ever

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Most of us are already aware about the popular messaging app – WhatsApp. However, many of us are not aware about the cool whatsapp features and tricks.

I have been using whatsapp since year 2011 and have witnessed how whatsapp evolved from just a simple messaging app to one of the most important app of our life. They have always analyzed and read the market trend very well and always shined with every new update.

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Features are the functionality which company has provided for its users to use yet many of these features are not know to all the users.

Tricks are the workaround or simple hacks people find using a certain feature. I have got a mixture of cool whatsapp features and tricks for you.

Cool WhatsApp Features and Tricks Ever

Cool WhatsApp Features and Tricks Ever

Cool Whatapp Tricks

Sharing some of the useful tricks which are known to me or have used them.

Send anything over whatsapp

In android mobiles(at the time of writing this post), whatsapp allows video, audio and image file sharing but not something like an android application.(let say .apk files). With the help of this trick you can send any file to any of your contact using whatsapp.

  • Go to file manager and navigate to the file which you want to share. for eg. CleanMaster.apk
  • Rename the file CleanMaster.apk to CleanMaster.apk.mp4
  • Go to Whatsapp -> Attach -> select the file CleanMaster.apk.mp4

Read message without last seen time getting changed

A simple trick which might be very useful at times. Whenever you get a message and you want to read the message without the last seen time being changed, simply turn off your wifi/mobile data, read the message or even reply to it, close whatsapp, turn on wifi/mobile data.

You can do this when you’re in no mood to reply to someone or do not want your other whatsapp contacts to know about your last seen time but want to check what messages are being sent to you.

Hide whatsapp images appearing in your phone’s gallery

Now a days we all are associated with multiple whatsapp groups. Lots of images or videos are being shared on these groups which you may not like to appear on your camera roll or phone’s gallery.

  1. Go to File Explorer in my case it is File Manager. If you don’t have a file explorer then download it from Play Store.
  2. Navigate to sd card/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images
  3. Create a new file and name it as “.nomedia
  4. That’s all. Check your phone’s gallery, you will not see any images from whatsapp.
  5. Similarly, you can do the same for hiding whatsapp videos.

whatsapp tricks adding .nomedia file whatsapp tricks file explorer

Copy someone else’s whatsapp status

If you really like someone’s whatsapp status and want to make it yours. Here is the trick for you. Yes you can type it manually. However, I have some better option for you.

  1. Log on to WhatsApp Web.
  2. Copy the status of your contact by visiting his profile.
  3. Click on your profile picture. Edit and paste the status.

Use whatsapp as your Personal Draft

This is a simple yet useful trick. You can use WhatsApp as a personal draft to keep notes, or just to remind yourself of a certain task.

  1. Create a new group adding at least one member other than you.
  2. Remove that member. Just you are the only one left in the group now.
  3. A personal chat is created whose messages can only be accessed by you.

Cool Whatapp Features

Some of the features you may already know. However, some of them may be new to you. So here are the recent features whatsapp incorporated into its most popular messaging app.

Impress your friends with bold,italics and strikethrough

  • Bold: add an asterisk (*) before and after the specifics words : e.g. *I am bold*
  • Italics: add an underscore (_) before and after the specifics words: e.g. _I am italics_
  • Strikethrough: add a tilde (~) before and after the specifics words: e.g. ~I am strikethrough~


Reply to a specific message in whatsapp

It may happen that you may miss to reply on certain message in a group chat or one to one chat due to you busy schedule or any other reason. With whatsapp’s new feature, you get a chance to reply to a specific message.

Tap hold on the message you wish to reply to and click on the highlighted reply arrow. Your reply will be framed as the one shown in second image.

whatsapp reply feature

whatsapp reply feature

Total control over privacy in whatsapp

You have the privilege to control displaying your personal info. To find privacy settings, navigate to Settings -> Account -> Privacy.

whatsapp feature Settings optionwhatsapp privacy feature

You can set privacy to Everyone, MyContacts and Nobody on these three features – Last seen, Profile photo and Status.

  • Everyone: Everyone could see your Last seen, Profile photo and Status.
  • MyContacts: Only your contacts can see your Last seen, Profile photo and Status.
  • Nobody: No one could see your Last seen, Profile photo and Status.

Add security in whatsapp using Encryption

Recently, whatsapp has rolled out a new feature to add security to the chat messages using encryption and it faced several controversies. In order to enable security feature, you can go to Settings -> Account -> Security

whatsapp security feature

If you wish to read more on whatsapp encryption you can refer – Secret Behind WhatsApp-End-to-End Encryption

Star or Bookmark a message in whatsapp

I like this feature the most. It helps me to star or bookmark important chat message such as account number, address or any other useful information. You can just tab hold the message(s) you wish to star or bookmark. Later, you can see all the starred messages under starred messages option.

whatsapp feature starred messages

That’s all folks. Now you know some of the super cool WhatsApp features and tricks ever. Hope you found this article useful & worth reading.

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