Tech Hacks You Can Learn In 10 Minutes

Tech Hacks You Can Learn In 10 Minutes

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Inspired by the previous post on Life hacks, thought of sharing an article on some of the Tech life hacks. Hope you would love to use them or may be already using some of them.

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Tech Hack #1. Movie Download

While downloading a movie , you go to google and type the movie name along with the word download. Millions of results are fetched and it’s really a nightmare to choose among the list as there are many false site as well. You further traverse deep but there is no link to download the movie. While in some other websites there are lots of advertisements.

I suggest you a simple solution to this. Instead of normal search, just type: Indexof: moviename or Indexof: moviename 720p And open the results which has a title starting with the word “index” as per the below screenshot:


Tech Hacks You Can Learn In 10 Minutes

Eureka!!! You not only got the movie you were looking for instead a list of hundreds of movies that too without any advertisement & one click download.

Tech Hacks You Can Learn In 10 Minutes

So, Movie download is very easy now. Not only Bollywood movies , it works same for Hollywood movies as well. Download, Play and Enjoy.

Tech Hack #2. Find the secret .gov files

For this, you’ll need to use Google search operators. Just paste into the Google Search – “top secret” and you will find thousands of pages in Google.

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Tech Hack #3. Calculator

It’s actually a hack only if you know the use of these two buttons. So the C (clear) button is to clear all entry, whereas the CE (clear entry) button is to clear the most recent entry only.

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Tech Hack #4. Temporary Emails

To avoid spam from certain sites, use disposable temporary email services to sign up for stuffs. Below are few of the services offering temporary email facility:

Tech Hack #5. Clean up mailbox

Planning to clean your email inbox. Let’s do it right away. Search “unsubscribe” and unsubscribe from unwanted or useless newsletters.

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Tech Hack #6. Fun with Chrome

No Internet? No problem. Have fun with Google Chrome. In Chrome’s error page, press space-bar and start playing T-Rex game.

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Tech Hack #7. Movie to Watch

Got free time and not sure which movie to watch? Well a website named AGoodMovieToWatch comes at your rescue. It randomly suggest you highly rated yet little known movies to watch.

iolo technologies. System Mechanic + Search and Recover.

That’s all for now folks. Press CTRL + D to bookmark this post & keep watching this space as I will be adding few more tech hacks to the list.

Hope I haven’t consumed more than 10 minutes for this Tech Hacks You Can Learn In 10 Minutes post & you found it useful. For some of the best Life Hacks, you can refer this post – 11 Ideas For Life hacks.

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