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The Top Programming Languages of year 2016

The Top Programming Languages 2016 This article was posted by David Smith on revolution analytics. Just thought of sharing it with my readers who are interested in programming. IEEE Spectrum has just published its third annual ranking with its 2016 Top Programming Languages, and the R Language is once again near the top of the list,

Inheritance in JavaScript with example

Hello Readers, Inheritance is an important concept in object-oriented programming (OOP). It forms one of the four pillars of OOP. Usually, in inheritance, methods from base class get copied into derived class. Now, you might be thinking JavaScript is not an object-oriented programming then why it supports the concept of inheritance? Yes, in spite of

JavaScript new Date Returning NaN in IE

JavaScript new Date() Returning NaN in IE Hello Readers, When it comes to programming, working with dates can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, most languages have done the hard work already and come with some kind of built-in date functionality to assist us. JavaScript in particular has lots of useful functions to aid in getting,

JavaScript Popup Alert on Link Click

JavaScript Popup Alert on Link Click Hello Reader, While working on one of the task, I came across a requirement to open a pop up message before redirecting the user to a specific link. So we would be working with some javascript code to open a popup alert when anyone clicks on a link. You can

Difference between == and === with Example-JavaScript

Difference between == and === with Example-JavaScript Hey Readers, This is one of the most frequently asked question in interview when one tries to judge your jQuery or JavaScript concepts. JavaScript provides different types of operators. Here, we will be talking about strict equality and Type converting equality. Type converting equality (==) means automatically it will