New features of iOS 11 & Why you must upgrade?

Apple has rolled out the massive changes in the latest version of its mobile OS, iOS 11. Here’s a look at how iOS 11 will ‘change’ iPhones and iPads.

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New Features of iOS 11

Here are the 10 new features of iOS 11 for which you cannot resist yourself from updating.

1. Type queries to Siri

Apple iOS 11 allows users to type queries to Siri instead of just speaking to them.

Type queries to Siri ios 11

2. Screenshots

Before iOS 11, after taking a screenshot on an iPhone, users are required to go the Photos app to view it. After updating to iOS 11, Once a screenshot is taken, a miniature version of it appears at the bottom left corner. Users can directly tap on it to view or edit it.

new features ios 11

3. Wi-Fi passwords

iOS 11 makes it easier for users to share Wi-Fi passwords with other iOS devices. The only requirement is that all of them should be running iOS 11.

Image result for wifi password ios 11

Apple iPhone 6 (Space Grey, 32GB)

4. Screen recording

Apple iOS 11 now includes the functionality to record the smartphone’s screen and save the recorded videos to the device’s camera roll.

ios 11 screen recording

5. File System

iOS 11 also brings the new Files app, replacing the iCloud Drive app. The Files app lets users access their attachments and other files in an easy manner.

6. Colour invert

Smart Invert reverses the color of the entire display, except for images, media and some apps that use dark color schemes. It can be accessed under ‘Accessibility’ in General settings.

new features of iOS 11 color invert

7. Spam message filter

Now user can filter out the spam messages they receive from time to time. Apple will be using its machine learning technology to achieve this.

8. Message Sync across devices

Users will now be also able to sync their messages across different Apple devices with cloud integration.

9. Document Scanner

Now, it is possible to scan documents using a iOS 11 device, not need to install any 3rd party app like Cam Scanner. Users simply need to open the Notes app, create a new one and tap on scan documents.

new features of iOS 11

10. Photos app

The Photos app has also been improved in the iOS 11. The highlight is the improved Live Photos app that now lets you choose any of the snaps as your primary photo.

Personally, I am very happy after the upgrade only for the fact that Apple shouldn’t have changed the network carrier signal icons at the top status bar 🙁

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