How to use Whatsapp without Internet?

How to use Whatsapp without Internet?

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You might already know that WhatsApp is a popular messenger among any others apps. Recently, WhatsApp introduced a good features called “Voice calling” which allows us to make calls to anyone. But the problem is that we need a good internet connection to make calls. By good internet I mean a high speed internet connection. So that there is no lag between the voice calls.

That was about using whatsapp with internet. However, in this post I will explain How To Use WhatsApp Without Internet?

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Several months or may be a year ago, there was no such option to use WhatsApp without internet. However, now it is possible. Using whatsapp without internet doesn’t makes it free. I will explain you the actual way to use WhatsApp without internet. The one and only easiest solution is ChatSim. I think all of you have never heard about this ChatSim word.

Now the question is what is ChatSim and how can you use this ChatSim to use WhatsApp without internet? Hold back off your screen and continue reading as I’ll  explain all the features of this ChatSim and also elaborate how can you use this ChatSim.

What is ChatSim?

Actually, ChatSim is one type of sim card which is like a normal sim card. By inserting ChatSim into your mobile phone, you can make call and communicate with your friends. Now coming to the next point. Basically, it is a simple process to use ChatSim such like your smartphone sim. When you will insert this ChatSim in your mobile phone and then you can use WhatsApp without an internet connection. Not only WhatsApp but also you can use all the popular messaging apps like Hike, BBM, Line, WeChat and much more.

How to use ChatSim?

ChatSim is just like any other mobile sim which we are using for calling, messaging and internet purposes.

  • Purchase: You first need to purchase ChatSim which comes with a subscription of ₹950 per year.
  • Activate: After that you need to activate it by entering 19 or 20-digit identifier number on the SIM card and the number assigned to your ChatSim.
  • Insert: After activation is successful, you can insert the ChatSim into your smartphone.
  • Use: You are ready to use your chat sim, start texting. For more plans you can click here.

You can use this ChatSim anywhere in the world without the use of internet. It comes with an annual subscription of ₹950 (at the time of writing this post).

To order your ChatSim now, click on below image:

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