How To Increase Blog Traffic With Reddit?

How To Increase Blog Traffic With Reddit?

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This post is based on my personal experience of getting the traffic from Reddit.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social news website also known as online bulletin board system which has an enormous potential to drive great amount of traffic to your blog or website.

Reddit users say that the power of Reddit is so great that it is capable of giving more than 1000 hits in a day’s time. I have experienced it myself 🙂

In this article I would like to highlight you that apart from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you can use Reddit to promote your content and get results.

How To Increase Blog Traffic With Reddit?

How To Increase Blog Traffic With Reddit?


On Reddit you can submit your post in the form of a link or a text. After you submit your post, other members can vote up or down on your submission. The voting determines the rank of your post as well as its position on the Reddit website’s pages and front page.

You can earn points (called as karma) by contributing to the reddit network community. Click To Tweet

Home page after submitting your posts:

How To Increase Blog Traffic With Reddit?

Reddit – Your home page after making posts

3 things why you should use Reddit?

  • Simple & Easy – Using Reddit is very simple and Easy
  • Sign-up & Create an account within less than a minute – Just 3 details – a username, email and password and you are done.
  • Submit a link or text post – For Link post you can paste link to your existing blog or website or else you can create a text post.

Remember these 5 things while posting on Reddit

  1. Post relevant content
  2. Interact with redditors
  3. Post unique content
  4. Don’t over Promote
  5. Reply or Comment to other redditors

I hope you liked my views on how to increase blog traffic with Reddit? Take the advantage of this superb website to  promote your content. These are some of the ways, I am aware of increase blog traffic with Reddit. If you know some of other ways please feel free to share in comments below.

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