Higher degree to opt while working at INFOSYS

Higher degree to opt while working at INFOSYS

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Actual question – What higher degree should I opt for while working in Infosys as an Operation Executive? MBA or MS?

Infosys is a great place to work as well as learn. The policies are not that fair for employees with Operations Executive role.

Now coming to the point, well it depends on your area of interest. If you are interested in technical field then opt for MS or else if you like and what to head in management then go for MBA.

Are you aware that Infosys offers these courses with some conditions ?

The condition is that you need to complete 1 year in Infosys prior to applying any of these courses and you cannot quit for 1 year post completion of your course.

1 yr prior  + {duration of the course in years} + 1 yr post completion

For example : Let say, you opt for MS. By now you already completed 1 year in Infosys. Then you do MS (not sure about the duration 2 year or 4 year whatever it may be). Then once you complete MS again 1 more year you need to be in Infosys. Considering the fact if MS is of 4 years then you stay in Infosys for 6 years.

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