Google Has Been Recording Your Voice

Google Has Been Recording Your Voice

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These days, many of us are using Google voice search feature on our smartphones for searching content by just giving our voice as input. No doubt, technology is making us lazy creatures on this planet.

There are many such other features which we use on our smart phone without knowing what’s happening in back-end. Very few people know about the behavior of their phone.

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Google searches are the first places were we do our research on any topic on which we need information. We just put every thought, every question into the search engine. Google has always kept a record of these searches, which helps it to sell ads.

But to your surprise, Google also keeps an audio log of the questions you ask its voice search function, OK Google. However, we should be thankful to Google, that we are the only one who can listen to our voice searches and have ability to delete these recordings.

Google Has Been Recording Your Voice

Google Has Been Recording Your Voice

You can listen to those recordings online. Google launched a new portal for all Google account-related activities. It’s a place where you can manage your privacy settings, see what you’ve searched for, and where Google has logged your location.

How to find your recordings

  • Navigate to
  • Go to “Voice & Audio Activity” on left pane.
  • You can hit the play button right there and listen to you recordings.

Google Has Been Recording Your Voice

How to delete your recordings

  • On Voice & Audio Activity page, click on one of the squares to select a recording and click delete button.
  • Check the uppermost square if you want to delete all the recordings.

Google Has Been Recording Your Voice

Turn off completely

  • Stop using the voice function if you don’t want to use it anymore by just turning it off.

Google- Voice and Audio Activity -3


Google- Voice and Audio Activity -4

I am not sure to why it’s keeping the actual voice recordings of our searches? If it is merely for advertising purposes, then I think only the text search would have been adequate.

It could be a possibility that Google is using these recordings to better inform its natural language processing algorithms so that it can figure out the differences between a pronunciation and accents. Or perhaps they are using this data for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Hopefully it’s not the case.

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The below video from YouTube is demonstrating the use of OK Google and where it stores the Voice & Audio activity.

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