Get your EPS clearance by submitting Form 10C

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In this post, I am going to explain about how to get EPS clearance by submitting Form 10C. Many of us forget to collect this amount. In most of the cases, we usually go for claiming the PF amount and other final settlement kinds of stuff. However, we tend to miss out on EMPLOYEES’ PENSION SCHEME (EPS).

This post is intended for them who wishes to claim their EPS amount and need help regarding the process.

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Please submit hard copies of Form 19 (If final settlement is not done by your organization) and 10C along with a canceled cheque/ a copy of Bank Statement showing IFSC code and a copy of your UAN card.

Courier the hard copies to below address.

PF Trust name & Address for Correspondence :

Infosys Ltd Employees’ Provident Fund Trust,
Retirals Team, B#10
C/o Infosys Ltd,
Plot No 44/97A, 3rd Cross,
Electronic City, Hosur Road, Bangalore – 560100

Establishment code: PY/BOM/10088/123456 (Highlighted Account Number is dummy)

As per this post, we will only focus on filling the FORM 10c

a. Your name as per record and bank account.

b. Your name as per record and bank account.

2. Date of birth.

3. Father’s name, Husband Name if applicable.

4. Establishment name and address: Already provided.

5. EPS account number KN/10088/ PF number as per salary slip.

6. The reason for leaving & Date of leaving: Resigned. Please do not enter any other reasons. Date of leaving Infosys.

7. Full postal address: You need to give the full postal address with the pin code. Mobile No. is mandatory to convey you the settlement status by Regional PF office.

8. Scheme Certificate: if your service is more than 10 years then tick YES Otherwise, No

9. Nomination: any one of your family member.

10. Not applicable.

11. You need to give full bank account number and branch address and attached a copy of canceled cheque .

12. Not applicable.

Signature: Please sign on two portions.

2. Below “ADVANCE STAMPED RECEIPT”. No Revenue stamp is required.

IMAGES for better reference


EPS Form – Page 1



EPS Form – Page 2



EPS Form – Page 3



EPS Form – Page 4


EPS clearance

Cancelled cheque


Finally, Phew!! that was easy isn’t it?

Now you are all set to courier your form 10c. Visit your nearest post office and send it to the concerned department through speed post.

You can check here for the speed post charges.

PS: Apologies for the bad quality images, I didn’t have iPhone at the time of claiming EPS 😛

I would like to thank my friend Mahesh Gundety for briefing me about this process and insisted on sharing a word with readers of this blog as well.

Free Download – Form 10C

You can download the form by just clicking any of the buttons below.


Please note that EPS forms will be processed only after your PF is settled to your account.

The EPS settlement would be directly done by the PF office and the same would be confirmed to you via a message to your Mobile No.

The whole process normally takes 2-3 months.

As per new update from RPFC, you have to share the below documents for submission of your EPS to PF office for further process.

  • UAN ID card copy
  • KYC details screen shot copy from your UAN member portal.

Please note that after receiving the documents, it will take some time to submit the same to PF office.

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