Choose specific browser every time you open a link

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This post has been written by Nathan Creek (Nate) based out of his personal experience on using different browsers. In this post, he talks about using different browsers specific to certain applications and the problems faced by him and how BrowserSelect help to overcome those problems.

Henceforth, I refer to Nate.

I thought I’d share this post as new year gift with you all. It’s a nifty little utility that I’ve been using for the past few months.

More often than not I have a least 3 different browsers open, and I like to have certain URLs open in particular browsers.

I tend to use:

  • Firefox for Flyspray, jira and gitblit
  • Chrome for general browsing and research (google, msdn, stack overflow, etc…)
  • Chrome and IE11 for iD development and testing

The problem is that I get emails with links to flyspray (a bug reporting tool ) and JIRA that I want to open in firefox, as well as other links that I want to open in Chrome. I had to set my default browser to one of them, and then manually copy and paste any links I wanted to open in the other browser. But no longer.


BrowserSelect on GitHub

With BrowserSelect installed and set as your default browser, you get this popup when you click on a link.



This makes it really easy to pick which browser you want the link to open in. You can either click or use the keyboard shortcuts. I haven’t needed to use it, but you can also shift-click to open in incognito mode.

But wait, there’s more…

Not only can you choose the browser, but in the settings, you can configure defaults for particular URL patterns.


With this configuration, flyspray, jira, and gitblit open in FireFox, while everything else opens in Chrome. At times, I remove the last rule so that if it’s not flyspray, jira or gitblit I get the popup to choose.


It might seem a fairly trivial thing but having URLs open up directly in the browser you want them in has saved me a lot of frustration. Gone are the days when I had to try to copy a link from Skype for Business, only to discover that it copies the whole message so I need to paste it into a text editor and then select just the link, copy, and then finally paste it into the browser’s address bar. Now, it’s just one-click for flyspray, jira and gitblit, or 2 clicks for anything else. Fantastic!

I hope you find this useful!

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