Chat with a New Font on WhatsApp

Chat with a new font on WhatsApp

Chat with a New Font on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has already turned out to be a crucial app of our day-to-day life and is still growing like a wildfire. Recently, you might have heard about voicemail and call-back support in WhatsApp. Here is the reference link – New potential features in WhatsApp. The voicemail & callback feature is now going live for beta users.

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Here is how it works

If you call someone using WhatsApp and that person doesn’t picks up or declines the call, you will see a screen that lets you quickly call back or record and send a voice message. The ability to send voice messages isn’t new, but now WhatsApp is integrating it in the calling interface, bringing the app closer to the way a conventional phone call works.

To add more to it, WhatsApp is adding a new text formatting option, monospace font. I am not sure there are lots of users who were eagerly anticipating this new text style. However, the trick to activate it is to add three accent or backtick symbols (`) before the text. Monospace joins bold, italic, and strikethrough in the list of formatting options offered by WhatsApp.

Chat with a New Font on WhatsApp

You can also join the WhatsApp beta program hosted in the Play Store and leverage the benefits of WhatsApp’s beta version. Here is the link – WhatsApp Beta Program.

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