Angular.js or ASP.NET MVC?

Angular.js or ASP.NET MVC?

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Let’s clear out the confusion. Angular.js and NET MVC both are fascinating and popular technologies and not languages.

AngularJS  is a JavaScript library (some call it a framework) which is mostly used for front end related stuff. Mainly for creating SPAs (Single Page Applications). MVC is a framework on top of framework to build website and web apps in mvc pattern.

Both are great technologies and in demand too 🙂

Angular.js or ASP.NET MVC?

AngularJS versus ASP.NET MVC

Points to remember :

  • It depends what job profile you are in. If you are involve in server side programming and have prior knowledge then go for MVC.
  • If you aren’t familiar with server side programming and into front end development then definitely go for AngularJS.
  • If you already know and are learning mvc then also you can learn AngularJS as it is used while building mvc applications.

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