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Structure of HTML 5 Document

Structure of HTML 5 Document Howdy Reader, HTML 5 is today’s buzzword and pretty smart mark up language. Today, we would be dealing with the structure of an HTML 5 document , as our title already conveys the message. Prior to HTML 5, most stable version was HTML 4. However, the invention of HTML 5

Higher degree to opt while working at INFOSYS

Higher degree to opt while working at INFOSYS Hello Reader, Actual question – What higher degree should I opt for while working in Infosys as an Operation Executive? MBA or MS? Infosys is a great place to work as well as learn. The policies are not that fair for employees with Operations Executive role. Now coming

Angular.js or ASP.NET MVC?

Angular.js or ASP.NET MVC? Howdy Reader, Confused… ? Let’s clear out the confusion. Angular.js and NET MVC both are fascinating and popular technologies and not languages. AngularJS  is a JavaScript library (some call it a framework) which is mostly used for front end related stuff. Mainly for creating SPAs (Single Page Applications). MVC is a

Creating website using ASP.NET

Creating website using ASP.NET Howdy Reader, Thanks for dropping in! Today, we will be focusing on creating website using ASP.NET with Visual Studio as our editor.It is very simple and easy to create a website using ASP.NET technology along with Visual Studio. Pre-requisite: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or (VS2012/VS2013) installed on your machine. I am assuming that you have

Best ASP DOT NET tutorials available online

Best ASP DOT NET tutorials available online Howdy Reader, ASP.NET is a free web framework for building Web sites and Web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Create Web APIs, mobile sites and use real-time technologies. It is rapidly emerging web technology and considered to be first choice for developing enterprise level web applications. I am

List of Validation Controls in ASP.NET

List of Validation Controls in ASP.NET Howdy Reader, Validation Controls is very interesting topic, the reason is by using these controls you can restrict users from entering invalid content. So as per our requirement we can choose either or both of them. There are six validation controls available in ASP.NET Toolkit by default. If you want to

What is an ASP.NET Page Life Cycle?

What is an ASP.NET Page Life Cycle? Howdy Reader, Welcome to the blog! Hope you are doing good. Today, we will be dealing with most favorite interview question for .NET. i.e Life Cycle of a ASP.NET web Form. Below are the list of events occur when an ASP.NET Web Form is displayed to us. Page Init Page Load Page