10 Visual Studio Shortcuts You Must Know

10 Visual Studio Shortcuts You Must Know

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Visual Studio is a rich, integrated development environment for creating stunning applications for Windows, Android, and iOS, as well as modern web applications and cloud services.

Majority of developers are familiar with using Ctrl + Space for intellisense in Visual Studio. But Visual Studio is really keyboard friendly, and you have keyboard shortcuts for pretty much any functionality that is exposed via the various menus.

Forget using file menu for frequently used options. Use keyboard shortcuts and boost your productivity.

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#1. Format Document

CTRL + K, CTRL + D: Formats the current document
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#2. Comment Code

CTRL + K, CTRL + C: Comments selected text
CTRL + K, CTRL + U: Uncomments selected text

#3. Go to Definition

F12: Go to definition of current code element

#4. Enter Full Screen

SHIFT + ALT + ENTER: View Code Editor in Full Screen

#5. Debugging

F5, F10, F11: Start the debugging, Step Into & Step Over respectively

10 Visual Studio Shortcuts You Must Know

10 Visual Studio Shortcuts You Must Know

#6. Code View

F7: Switches from the design view to the code view in the editor.

#7. Change Case

CTRL + U: Changes the selected text to lower case.
CTRL + SHIFT + U: Changes the selected text to UPPER case.

#8. Command Window

CTRL + ALT + A: Displays the Command window, which allows you to type commands that manipulate the IDE.

#9. Immediate Window

CTL + ALT + I: Displays the Immediate window, where you can evaluate expressions and execute individual commands

#10. Window Manipulation

CTRL+ TAB: Cycles through the MDI (Multiple Document Interface) child windows, one window at a time.

10 Visual Studio Shortcuts You Must Know to boost your productivity

These shortcuts are based on my personal experience of using Visual Studio and may vary person to person depending on it’s usage. I find these shortcuts really helpful while developing .NET applications. I think you must be using some of these frequently.

Visual Studio Shortcuts


#11. Auto Snippets

Another very useful shortcut in visual studio is [Tab] + [Tab] shortcut. That is, pressing the tab twice to help you create your code block. For instance, type “prop” and press TAB twice. It will create the property with setter & getter. This one is my favorite as my tasks involve creating properties a lot.

Visual Studio Shortcuts You Must Know-Update

This can be used for speeding up things. For instance,

  • You can type “class” and press tab twice and your “class” structure is will created within a sec.
  • You can type “if” and press tab twice and you “ifelse” block will be created.
  • Similarly, you can create code blocks for “function“, “for each“, “for” and many more.

#12. Ring Clipboard

Very useful Shortcut – ring clipboard (CTRL+ SHIFT + V), (CTRL + – ) to go to the previous position, (ALT + Selection) for square copy and square edition.


Hope this post is useful and worth reading. Now you at-least know 10 visual studio shortcuts. You can refer to another post which has a great piece of information on visual studio extensions you must have.

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