10 Hard Truths about Software Engineers?

Below are the 10 hard truths about Software Engineers.

I am sure there won’t be any Software Engineers who don’t face any of these in their day to day life. This article has nothing to do with any technical stuff, it’s just a part of my Random Posts category.

1. Software engineers always feel that they are being underpaid while mostly the outside people feel that they are being overpaid.

2. Most of the Software engineers spend 3/4th of their day for their job only (including work hours and traveling & managing traffic).

3. When the deadline is near and bugs to be fixed are quite large, they have to work like crazy. This leads to hectic schedule and undesirable life.

4. Their job heavily depends on United States companies (Not necessarily always). Recession happening there means an impact on their job.

5. A harsh truth is that millions of graduates do CSE/IT Engineering aiming to get a Software Engineer/Developer role but a large chunk of people is not getting a job in this domain.

6. Sometimes you may not get a nice team to work with. You may not get helpful people, but still, you are expected to give your best. You are expected to finish your task regardless of you have understood the requirements properly.

7. We people generally prefer product based companies but due to a very tough competition in outside world, somehow people land to a service based company and later just wait for the moment to switch to better company /dream company which we may not get easily.

8. If they have been on the bench for a long period, they start frustrating and doubting their skills.

9. Software engineer/Developer is not a 9–6 job( Yes indeed!!!). It’s a learning process which we adopt throughout our life. Learning new skills/ Working on new technology becomes a habit. So for coming up, we need to work extra.

10. Sitting in front of the system for entire day & throughout work hours( until they retire from a job) makes them couch potato. This, in turn, leads to health issues.

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